Environmental stewardship is one of the key aims of Luss Estates. In addition to our commitments to green energy generation, we actively engage in sustainable forest management, control of non-native species, and deer management.

Land Management

Luss Estates is working with Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on peatland restoration. On the summit of Beinn Dubh, to the north of Glen Luss, a significant area has been restored, helping to reduce the effects of climate change and restore habitats for wildlife. Scotland’s peatlands retain 25 times as much carbon as all other plant life in the United Kingdom; these are not only important habitats for wildlife, and crucial in the prevention of flooding on lower level ground, but essential plant ‘lungs’ for the country as a whole. Work on Luss Estates has included stabilisation of existing peat, re-grading slopes, and replacing areas of lifted turfs.

As a stunning site of natural beauty, Loch Lomond and Luss Estates welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Sadly, an unfortunate side effect of this is litter, which can have a dramatic impact on the physical and visual environment. Luss Estates commits its staff to a litter picking program throughout the tourist season to ensure the impact is minimised. This represents a cost of over £10,000 but is considered a small price to pay for the benefit to our environment.

Our Home Farm aims for agricultural best practice and we operate a waste management and recycling policy across all businesses.

Native Species

The threat of extinction to the Black Grouse is very real. Habitat destruction has led to significant decreases in population numbers. Black Grouse conservation is a significant future focus for Luss Estates through monitoring species numbers, managing grazing by livestock to protect the birds’ habitat and designing new woodlands with Black Grouse conservation as one of the principle objectives. Many of the tenant farmers on Luss Estates are undertaking agricultural-environmental schemes aimed at Black Grouse conservation.

Eco-tourism is an important growth area for Luss Estates. We are privileged to be home to a nesting pair of Golden Eagles, a nesting pair of Ospreys and other birds of prey, along with otters, pine martin, fallow, roe and red deer.

Regular wader bird surveys are carried out on our home farm in Glen Fruin.

Green Energy

The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel operates an environmentally friendly biomass boiler, which supplies all the property’s hot water and heating requirements.

Luss Estates’ current hydroelectric is a 1MW ‘run of the river’ scheme and there are plans in place for a 2MW scheme and 400kW scheme. Luss Estates is actively involved with local communities in the development of green energy projects.