Luss Estates is committed to providing stable employment prospects and helping to drive the local economy.

Luss Estates employs 48 full time staff, with a total of around 100 people employed. The picturesque village of Luss attracts three quarters of a million visitors per year and it is our responsibility to ensure that local communities and businesses realise the financial benefits of this influx of tourism, through supporting business creation and expansion.

Strategic land release is an important aspect of Luss Estates’ support of the local economy. By releasing land for local enterprise from traditional forms of land use such as farming or forestry, Luss Estates has initiated and encouraged the creation of a diverse range of businesses, jobs, and visitor attractions.

Loch Lomond Golf Club and The Carrick Golf Club, on land leased from Luss Estates, bring tourism from across the globe. Retail, including a local farm shop, and boating facilities also greatly enrich the visitor experience, enhancing the local area and encouraging more visitors to visit, stay, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Wherever possible we seek to work with local contractors, suppliers and service providers: whether on a large scale for construction or to install new farm fencing; or on a smaller level by stocking Scottish crafts in Luss General Store, and by serving fresh regional produce in the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel.