luss estates community

Sustainable development of local communities is one of the key aspirations of Luss Estates.

As stewards of the land, we proactively work to make life better for the communities living on and around the Estate. Estate planning is long term and considered and is driven by our desire to improve the area for communities now and into the future. The Luss Strategic Development Framework has been commissioned by Luss Estates to ensure that long term strategic planning is put in place for the provision of housing, including social and affordable housing, for business development, and for infrastructure and village improvements. In 2016 Luss Estates agreed to gift a parcel of land at School Road in Luss to Link Housing, enabling the building of five affordable houses. The value of the land is in excess of £150,000, in addition to which Luss Estates has undertaken to provide further financial support, if required, to bridge the gap between available grant funding and the actual build costs of the new houses. Link Housing has undertaken to work closely with Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority to ensure that the new houses blend in with their surroundings and take into account the architecture and heritage of Luss.

Village improvements are vital not only to continue to draw and provide for the significant numbers of tourists to the local area, in turn benefiting the local economy, but also for the wellbeing and security of the villagers of Luss. Recent initiatives include: the Luss Guide Book, all proceeds from which will go towards the Luss Development Trust; and the provision of information boards throughout the village, enabling visitors engage with the heritage and understand more about the locality. The Luss Guide Book is available for purchase at the Luss General Store for £5.

Our frequent litter picking drive results in Luss Estates’ staff gathering over 350 sacks of rubbish a year, helping to keep the pretty village of Luss and its surrounding countryside clean.

Luss Estates leases land to a wide range of clubs, groups and organisations for a variety of uses, which significantly contributes towards the provision of local sporting and leisure facilities.

Working with Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, we have created new footpaths around the village of Luss, and with the Helensburgh and District Access Trust, we have assisted in the creation of the Three Lochs Way. Luss Estates was pleased to be a part of the facilitation of the creation of the Arden to Helensburgh cycleway, by granting land for incorporation as part of the public highway. Luss Estates is proactive in generating grant applications to create further access to the stunning scenery that encompasses and surrounds the Estate.

Luss Estates’ Board of Directors has a keen interest in education and is committed to supporting local schools where possible. In autumn of every year we welcome over 200 schoolchildren to our Home Farm, in association with the Royal Highland Education Trust, to help children learn more about how their food is produced and the countryside in general.

As part of our commitment to increasing green energy generation in the local area, as well as our commitment to supporting our local communities, Luss Estates is in the process of granting land and water rights to a local development trust, derived from our two local rural community councils, to enable the development of a community hydroelectric scheme. We are also working with a community in Helensburgh on the development of a sustainable energy asset.