Luss Looks to the Future

Housing stock, tourism potential, commercial opportunities, job creation and urban design are amongst the issues to be covered by the Plan, which is expected to be completed later this year. Consultation with the communities is now under way following a Workshop on Friday 18th May attended by representatives of Argyll and Bute Council, Arrochar and Tarbet Community Council, Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Luss and Arden Business Association, Luss and Arden Community Council, Luss and Arden Community Development Trust and Luss Primary School Parents Council.


As Luss Estates Chief Executive Simon Miller explains, feedback from the community will greatly influence the plans under consideration: "Luss Estates Company is committed to an inclusive and 'open book' approach to this process, such that a Framework and Plan may evolve that is fully understood and accepted by all involved as a practical and deliverable strategy for the development of sustainable communities around the Estate.

"This is all about what our communities will look like in 20 years' time, and about how we stimulate economic regeneration and provide job opportunities in order to address the declining, and aging, population. Much of the impetus for the process can be traced back to last year when the whole community of Luss stood together against the proposed closure of our village school. That battle was won, but it very much focussed our minds collectively on the need to secure the long term future of our communities.

"More than 30 people took time to participate in this initial Consultation Workshop, and the one resounding message arising was that action is required to attract and retain more young families. This has given us a very clear focus, and I look forward to proceeding with Page & Park and Roger Tym & Partners in developing the Strategic Master Plan."