Luss Estates Company supports the new Landowners’ Charter which has just been announced

The company has a proven track record of promoting employment in the area and is working closely with local development trusts to help create community-owned renewable schemes. The Company has also facilitated inward investment and employment by leasing land to major organisations, resulting in over £150 million being invested and many hundreds of jobs created. In 2013/14 Luss Estates Company worked with all the local stakeholders to create a blueprint for the future of the area in the form of the Luss Strategic Development Framework.

LEC itself is a thriving, commercially-managed estate, operating in the traditional rural areas of farming and forestry, as well as in tourist and leisure ventures, including holiday rental cottages, Inverbeg Holiday Park, the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel and Luss General Store. A hydro-electric scheme in Glen Douglas is making a significant contribution to renewable energy.

Luss Estates Company exists to protect, preserve and develop the lands and resources of the estate, so that it may continue to provide economic opportunity and employment, thereby enriching and ensuring the futures of the villages and rural communities which exist throughout the estate.