Landowner Declares War on Litter

Luss Estates, one of Argyll’s biggest landowners has declared war on litter by implementing a summer clear-up programme.

Last week Luss Estates took to the lanes, lay-byes and beaches of west Loch Lomond picking up more than 60 bags of litter in a blitz on some of the area’s most popular beauty spots. Around 20 Luss Estates employees were deployed in the operation, which will now be a monthly fixture throughout the summer season.

Simon Miller, Chief Executive of Luss Estates, commented: “West Loch Lomond is renowned for its beauty, and we want to keep it that way. In just a few hours, our team collected a staggering amount of litter, with much of the Estate, including the Loch Lomond islands, still to be covered. Litter undoubtedly spoils the experience of the hundreds of thousands of visitors attracted to Loch Lomond every year, and as both landowner and a tourism business, we are determined to do our bit to clear it up. I also urge everyone visiting West Loch Lomond to take their litter home with them.”