Gardner by name...

One of Scotland's most visited villages has celebrated its glorious gardens this year with a new competition for green fingered residents.

Luss by Loch Lomond, renowned for generations as one of Scotland's prettiest spots, has been ablaze with colour this summer, with well-tended gardens and hanging baskets framing it's famously historic cottages.

In recognition of the outstanding efforts by so many within the small village, a new competition was launched earlier this year, and last week it's sponsor, Lady Colquhoun of Luss, announced the winners: Mr and Mrs Norrie Gardner of Tigh-A-Mhaoir, on Pier Road opposite Luss General Store.

Initiated by Luss resident Mrs Pat Everitt, the competition was judged by experienced gardener Mrs Susan Miller, Jackie Theaker of Luss Estates, and Lady Colquhoun. The prizes - a silver engraved cup along with vouchers donated by Waitrose and plants donated by Homebase – were presented by Lady Colquhoun to Mr Gardener.

Lady Colquhoun said: "This year's glorious summer saw Luss village ablaze with colour from beautifully tended gardens and hanging baskets. They make an invaluable contribution to the beauty and charm of Luss, something which is greatly appreciated by residents and visitors alike, and so this competition is a small way for us all to recognise the hard work, skill and dedication which goes into creating these lovely gardens."

Dating back to the 1740s, Tigh-A-Mhaoir is one of Luss' most photographed cottages, particularly since the Gardners moved in more than 20years ago and started work on both the garden and the hanging baskets and flower containers which adorn the front of the property. In recent years, the cottage has featured in calendars that are sent worldwide, with tourists regularly stopping to be pictured in front of the south-facing cottage.

"When we moved in, I inherited a garden that had been left to grow wild," said Mr Gardner (60) who is a joiner to trade. "Our neighbour George Ferguson taught me all the basics and helped me start to create the garden we now enjoy, and each year we change the display of the flowers in our baskets and containers. Ours is just one of many beautiful displays here, and there are some great vegetable and fruit growers too."

Lady Colquhoun added: "The Luss Garden Competition will be an annual event, and having been involved in the very difficult process of choosing a winner, we hope to extend it to further categories next year. Many thanks go to everyone who took part, and to our sponsors, and many congratulations go to the winners of our inaugural Luss Garden competition, Mr and Mrs Gardner."