Exhibition Will Explore Plans for Helensburgh Common Good Fund

Helensburgh citizens are being urged to attend an exhibition and learn more about plans to establish a Common Good Fund which could support numerous existing and new projects throughout the town for years to come.

On Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October, a team from Helensburgh Community Development Trust and their partners will be the Pillar Hall with information on their proposals, including their plans for a community wind farm which would generate cash for the Fund.  Members of the Trust will be on hand to explain how the Trust and Common Good Fund would operate. Green Cat Renewables, who have been brought in by the Trust to develop the wind farm proposals, will also be there to answer questions.

Ian Fraser, a Member of Helensburgh Community Development Trust and Managing Director Helensburgh Renewables, the trading subsidiary established by the Trust, said: "Helensburgh has a rich heritage of innovators and innovations and now is the time to rekindle that spirit and look forward to what the town can be and do.  Just like the Community Wind Farm which will provide its income, the Fund will be managed for and by the people of Helensburgh, and already we have received numerous suggestions as to how the cash might be spent including regenerating Hermitage Park, redeveloping the skate pond, creating a community centre and investing in beach cleaning equipment.

"This is a once in a generation opportunity, which will only come to fruition if the people of Helensburgh get behind it and make their voices heard. No project such as this will ever attract unanimous support, but we believe the majority of people are in favour of progress and I would urge anyone who cares about Helensburgh and its future to come along, ask questions and find out why we believe this project will be beneficial for the town and its people."

The exhibition is free, open to all, and takes place within the Pillar Hall of The Victoria Halls, Helensburgh on Friday 11th and Saturday 12th October from 3pm to 8pm.