Sir Malcolm Colquhoun


"Loch Lomond... surely, one of the most famous and recognisable place names on the planet. At its heart, the beautiful village of Luss, a place of sanctuary, pilgrimage and habitation for at least the last 1,500 years.."

I, and my family, have been privileged to call this magical place home for around 800 of those years, during which time we have loved, tended and lived on these lands. The greatest pleasure I have is to be able to share them with the many tens of thousands of visitors, especially my kinsmen and fellow clansmen, who come to the Luss Estates every year.

I am but the temporary custodian of these lands, and in due course will hand them on to others. Our main task must surely be to preserve and enhance this place for future generations, and to pass on our knowledge of its heritage and history. But it’s important too that the provision of economic and employment opportunities is placed right at the forefront what we do, both by continuing to invest in and develop our own enterprises and by encouraging others to invest and live here. That, more than anything, is my mission.

Luss Estates today is a thriving, commercially managed estate, operating a number of different enterprises in traditional areas such as farming and forestry, as well as expanding tourist and leisure ventures including holiday rental cottages, shops, hotels and a holiday park. On the estate are also two world-class golf courses, and a number of renewable energy projects, including a 1Mw hydro-electric scheme.

It is my very great privilege to welcome you all, in the certain knowledge that Luss will captivate you in the same way that it still does me.

Sir Malcolm Colquhoun of Luss ~ Chief of Clan Colquhoun


Photo: Scottish Field/Angus Blackburn