Clan Colquhoun


The village of Luss has been at the heart of the Clan Colquhoun lands for over 600 years. Through marriage, the Clan Colquhoun first came to the bonny banks in 1368 when Robert, the 5th of Colquhoun married the daughter of the 6th Laird of Luss. Robert’s wife’s name has been lost to the sands of time and she is remembered only as ‘the fair maid of Luss’.

In 1776 Sir James established the town of Helensburgh, naming it after his wife, Helen.

The current clan chieftain, Sir Malcolm Colquhoun, 31st of Colquhoun, 33rd of Luss, is committed to supporting and sustaining the local community and preserving the heritage and historical lands of this ancient clan for future generations.

The Clan Colquhoun’s chronicle is chequered, intriguing and dramatic, Information and memorabilia can be found in The Clan Shop in Luss set in Shore Cottage, an historic dwelling right on the banks of Loch Lomond.