Green Energy


In 2010 Luss Estates was proud to realize a long-held ambition: the provision of hydroelectric power.

Situated at the start of the Scottish Highlands with its impressive topography and substantial annual precipitation, we are able to reduce Luss Estates’ carbon footprint by harnessing water as a powerful natural resource.

Luss Estates’ initial hydroelectric scheme is a 1MW ‘run of the river’ scheme, located on the River Douglas, where an impassible natural waterfall excluded migratory fish such as salmon and sea trout.

Planning consent has also been obtained for a 2MW scheme and a 400kW scheme.

Luss Estates’ Loch Lomond Arms Hotel sources all it’s heating and hot water from an environmentally friendly 199kW biomass boiler, run on wood chippings, which will be sourced from the Estate’s woodland management operations.

Luss Estates is actively working with local communities in the development of other renewable energy projects.